Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Farewell to Blogger...

OK, part of my slacking of posts is in part because I have been working on my new blog!  I'm so proud of it and am saying goodbye to Blogger forever...I've been won over by my Mac!  Here is the new address for those who want to update their addresses and visit us!  I'm leaving you with my all-time favorite photo from Halloween...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up...

I am sooo behind!!  First off, I really am sad that I didn't get an entire blog dedicated to our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY that we celebrated exactly a week after the big birthday party!!!!  However, I will say how extremely blessed I am being married to the most wonderful man in the world...the card that I found for him pretty much sums it up, "To someone who really knows the real me...and married me anyways."  Not to get too sappy on you, but Jeff really does complete me...he is my perfect balance and I am so grateful that he did know the real me when we dated, and married me anyways!!  We had a great night out (shout out to Grammy and Papa) at Pappas Bros. steakhouse...seriously...I think it probably made the top of my list...the creamed spinach won me over.   (I have no clue why blogger is underlining everything)

Moving on... I didn't get to really blog about the big birthday was a lot of fun!  We had NO CLUE what the pumpkin patch was like on the weekend...we had only driven by on a weekday and it looked so nice and calm.  Forget was INSANE on the weekend, but still lots of fun.  Here are some other pictures from the big party...

He was so funny...he kept trying to eat Miss Macie's piece of cake!

You guys all came here to celebrate just for me???!!

That's all for now, I up...state fair with the fam post!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday to our baby!

Happy Birthday, Angel Baby!  You have brought so much joy and love into your Momma and Daddy's lives.  We can't believe one year ago today, God gave you to us to watch over for Him while on this earth.  We love you so much!! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pimp my ride...

Yea for our upcoming switch to the bigger, more comfy, forward-facing ride!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going Bonkers

Happy Friday everyone!  I have been such a blogging slacker these days...don't know what it is...not much time, I guess.  Last Saturday, Jeff went to the UT game in Austin with some of his buddies and I wanted to get Thatch out of the house to do something fun!  A girl I met at our neighborhood park suggested we try Going Bonkers for something different to do, so on Saturday, we did.  Thatch really enjoyed it...we got there at 9am right when they opened to try it out before the craziness set in with a jillion little kids.  We had the place all to was really a treat!  Here are some pics:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Latest Trick...

11 months!!!!  I cannot believe my baby is almost a year some ways it really makes me sad and in other ways it makes me really excited to see what lies ahead in this adventure called parenthood (now that I say that, I think I might read this someday and realize I had no clue what I was writing).  Anyhow...this is the boy's latest trick...He will stand up and dance a little and then all the sudden just bend over like he is about to do a front-roll...Jeff and I help him with the front-roll on occasion.  It is so funny!

So...a few things he is doing at 11 months...he will wave bye-bye (when he feels like it); he will stand on his own and will cruise like crazy through all the furniture going from piece to piece, but isn't quite trying to walk without something to hold on to; sometimes I think he will try to say 'banana' or 'nana'--the boy LOVES his food still!!  He loves all vegetables (baby food and steamed ones I make), he loves fruit (rasberries, blueberries, BANANAS, grapes, you name it...he'll eat it), he likes mac and cheese which I made for the first time the other day, mashed potatoes...the list goes on...I hope he always eats this good!  But his most favorite thing to eat is....drum roll.....CARPET!!??  Seriously, the child must have some sort of deficiency...he is constantly eating carpet!  Jeff and I joke that we will have to replace areas in our house because he is pulling the carpet out and eating it.  He knows the best places to go where carpet is easy to pull out and chow is driving us NUTS!  Anyways, hopefully this stage will pass soon.  He calls everything 'dada' and only says 'momomomoma' when he is upset...go figure.  OK, I'll stop with the crazy list for our precious boy for now.
Always a ham for the camera!
Our little gladiator
I love my boys!!  I want to eat them up!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

San Antone, the Beechnut Party House, and one cute little boy!

Hola everyone out there in blogger land!  We have had a busy couple of weeks...mostly fun, but yesterday was a big, bad ugly!  I caught some kind of stomach bug...YUCK...I haven't been that sick in a long time.  It is so difficult being sick and attempting to care for an 11-month say the least I felt like a horrible mom!  I'm a lot better and am on the road to recovery.  Thatch caught a milder version of what I had...luckily, he only had fever and only felt miserable for a few hours.  Here are some recent pics:

I love this picture!  I got him these awesome boots (to wear to the National Finals Rodeo when we go later this year)...thanks to Mica and Abbie for convincing me to get them, I would've been so mad if I hadn't.

On, to our mini-vacation...a couple of weeks ago, the Tiptons, the Meltons, and Jeff and I went to the hill country for a little get away.  We went on Thursday night, got in late to the Beechnut Party House (so named for the street it was on, it was hardly a party house with 3 couples exhausted from lives full of craziness and little ones)...we were a little worried when "Jim" didn't answer our call on arrival, finally on the 3rd call he answered and gave us the code to get in the house...whewww!  Below is a picture of our crib for the weekend...
On Friday, the girls went to the outlet mall...lots of fun and tons of shopping.  We were NOT very good influences on each other, quite the opposite actually.  We did come to the conclusion that "outlet" malls are a not what you would think...we found no crazy deals and steals.  We found stuff to buy, don't get me wrong, but nothing that we came away bragging about the great prices.  We had a great time and enjoyed rare alone time with great friends.  Friday night we ate at Mi Tierra, the most heavenly Mexican food ever, and topped the night off walking along the Riverwalk.  On Saturday, we went through the hill country to a winery and had lunch, it was really good food...however, we all agreed that we had never enjoyed a 4hr lunch...this place was what you call RELAXED!  Good thing we weren't on any kind of schedule.  We drove on to Fredricksburg and walked around the cute little shops, by this time we were pretty broke, so there weren't many purchases.  Sunday morning we got up and drove to Driftwood, TX (outside of Austin) to have lunch at the Salt Lick, hands down the best BBQ I have every eaten!  Here are the boys getting ready to chow down!  Hope you all are having a great Thursday!